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Microsoft Excel 2016 has been upgraded with some amazing features that’ll help you shed any inhibitions you had while using this spreadsheet tool. The great thing of this latest version is that it is compatible with not only a Windows PC but Mobile and Mac as well. Here are 5 features of this latest version of Microsoft Excel that will make you fall head over heels:

1. Key Database Improvements

The latest version of the Microsoft Excel has been equipped with database upgrades which let the users merge some of the old Ad-On programs like Power Query and Power Pivot. It has been embedded with options like Forecasting, One Click, Pivot Tables, Reports, Data Model, Power Quires and so on. Power BI lets you share workbook through one button so that interactive dashboards and reports could be created and used.

2. Ink Equation For Writing Equations Easily

Writing an equation has always been tricky for most users. But, in this new version, you will find this task very easy. The application now has a new feature that lets users convert Handwritten Equation into text. This makes including difficult mathematics problems in documents is now easy as breeze. Click on Insert, then Symbol, and then Equation; a drop down menu opens up. At the bottom of this menu, you will find an option that read ‘Ink Equation’; check mark the equation. A box, along with a writing tool, will be open. You can write these equations using light pen, digital pen, and even your finger.

3. New Charts

The latest version also has 6 new charts including Pareto and Waterfall, and creating them is a cakewalk. To create a chart, highlight the Database Table. Now go to the ‘Insert’ tab, you will find an option which says ‘Recommended Charts’. You can select anyone of the pictured samples. You can also explore more charts through clicking on the ‘All Charts’ tab.

4. Tool For Quick Data Analysis

Data analysis is a time consuming job. But the latest version of Excel features a Quick Analysis Tool, which makes data analysis simple and straightforward. This is how you can use this tool – after completing the Table work, select the entire data range. You will now see a worksheet icon below, at right end corner of the selected range. When you click on this icon, you will find several options for analyzing data, each of which is followed by a range of sub-options.

5. Sharing At Fingertips

In Excel 2016, you can share documents in a matter of few clicks. You can share database, pivot tables, graphs, charts, worksheets, and much more easily clicking on an icon, which is available at the top right corner of the application. If you want share anything, simply click on this icon, and choose the save to cloud option. Now, you will see an option ‘save as screen’. You also will see options like SharePoints, OneDrive etc.. You need to select the desired storage location and save the sheet. Once you have saved the file on the cloud, you can share it with as many people as you like.

To Sum It Up

With this update, Excel has become more handy than before. Whether it’s a school assignment or an office presentation, go ahead and make the most of this application.

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